A Uniquely Positive Experience

Twin Falls Custom Home Builder Mike Shetler HomesMike Shetler is one of a kind! There is no other builder around that utilizes this uniquely intimate process of designing and building your dream home. In Mike’s own words, “My building process is organic.”

Mike’s passion for his work is self-evident as he lives and breathes each project. From conception to completion, Mike remains personally involved in every phase of building your dream home. Here’s what to expect:

mike_shetler_homes_house_plansStep 1: The Creative Process in Designing Your Home

Initial Meeting: Ideas and lifestyle discussed. Mike makes sketches while you share your ideas. Mike gains insight into the appropriate location on your property that best suits your needs.

Aerial Overview: Hovering above your property with a radio controlled helicopter Mike observes the lay of the land and digitally draws a 3-D picture of a design, into the aerial photo, as to where he envisions your home.

Collaboration: Location of home in aerial overview discussed. Ideas, likes, and dislikes considered. Pictures and drawings exchanged until the ideal design of your floor plan has unfolded.

Design & Floor Plan Complete: A 3-D vision of your dream home is digitally created by Mike. He guides you on a virtual tour throughout the entire house, enabling you to experience the ambiance of your soon to be “home sweet home.”

Aerial Photo framing home constructionStep 2: The Actual Construction of Your Home

Overview of Building Process: Mike employs groups of professionals, each specializing in one of the many facets of the construction process—excavation, foundation, framing, plumbing, electric, heating, air-conditioning, drywall, insulation, and so on. This practice eliminates the possibilities of confusion, delays, mistakes, and unexpected costs that often accompany the use of Sub-contractors.

Painting: Mike’s aesthetic ability, and by now his in-depth concept of the world you are creating, gives credence to his impeccable suggestions for the colors inside and outside of your dream home.

mike_shetler_homes_kitchen_detail_2932Step 3: Finishing Touches

Installation: Appliances, kitchen and bath cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, medicine cabinets, interior doors and trim, flooring (hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, tiles…), stair rails, and many other detailed features are set in place.

Landscaping: Creating the scene for the natural environment framing your home and land will be done in collaboration. Mike works side by side with the landscaper in developing the perfect setting to complement the ambiance of your home.

Attention to Detail: Mike will be assisting you with his expertise in color, design, and knowledge of what works best both within and without your home for the particular lifestyle you are emulating.

mike_shetler_homes_house_keysStep 4: Welcome Home

The Stage is set: The welcome mat is in place. All of the intricate details have been fine-tuned. Your one of a kind home is a masterpiece. You put your key in the front door and turn the lock for the first time. Once across the threshold awaiting you is a digitally generated photographic record depicting the history of your dream home in the making—over one thousand pictures from conception to completion of every aspect and nook and cranny of your home—for the memories of a lifetime!

mike_shetler_homes_loan_assistanceStep 5: In Addition

If Need Be: Mike will assist you in finding and purchasing the property for your dream home. This also includes helping you acquire the necessary loans.